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MT5 is a multi-asset trading platform introduced in 2010 by MetaQuotes Software Inc. The platform has been translated into 31 languages and is available in web, online, and mobile versions; it is a fantastic multi-asset, multi-functional trading platform. It has an intuitive user interface and a complete set of analytical features with MQL5, a brand-new programming language. It also provides extra services like a database of independent strategy developers, built-in trading robots, copy trading, and virtual hosting.

Various trading products are available on the MetaTrader 5 platform, developed for trading currencies, CFDs, and other assets. This cutting-edge trading platform enables trading all Major, Minor, and Exotic Currency Pairs, Precious Metals, and CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on Indices, Stocks, and Commodities. The MT5 platform also enables the trading of any asset on exchanges.

Features of MT5 Trading Platform

  1. Design– MT5 has a sleek design with an attractive overall look, unlike MT4, which is a bit old-fashioned.
  2. Indicators– More than 38 built-in technical indicators are designed for in-depth analysis of the markets.
  3. Time frames– There are 31 timeframes available, allowing for in-depth monitoring of minute price changes.
  4. Tools– 80 technical analysis and analytics tools are accessible; some are graphical. Provides crucial tools such as economic calendars for in-depth fundamental analysis. You can access all the important news easily as this tool is free of charge. The tools can also be built or customised according to your needs.
  5. Expert Advisors– Traders can use EAs from the free library “Code Base” and the built-in software store “MetaTrader Market.” Using integrated analytical resources is not a restriction for traders in MT5. Compared to MQ4, MQL5 coding is easier to understand. As a result, traders can design their own expert advisors or trading robots.
  6. Trading instruments– MT5 was designed to give all the traders flexibility to easily trade various trading instruments. It supports assets such as forex, crypto, shares, stocks, commodities, futures, etc.
  7. Mobile Trading– Apart from web trading, MT5 allows traders to access the financial markets at their fingertips with the advent of mobile trading. It supports all iOS, iPhone, and Android trading round-the-clock.
  8. Real Volume Data– Traders in MT5 have access to real volume-traded data, not just tick volume data. This option will appear after right-clicking the chart with the mouse.


As discussed in the article, MT5 has several advanced features apart from its capability to help traders trade various financial instruments. We discussed some of the amazing features of MT5. However, it is your responsibility to select the best platform for you. If you are new to forex trading or have been trading for a while but are struggling to make a profit, you can stick to the MT4. After gaining some experience with MT4, you can progress to the advanced platform, MT5. Overall, MT5 is a great trading platform for experienced traders.