Percentage Allocation Management Module are passive trading services that gives investors an accessible way to get involved without actually trading in the market. Likewise, professional traders who have extensive market knowledge & experience and can handle the transactions of other individuals have the opportunity to make profits out of pooled funds. It’s a win-win situation for both traders and investors. 

PAMM account services are getting popular because of their ease. Now traders don’t have to spend months learning about the technical or fundamental analysis to make profits from the forex market. Investors just have to sign up with a PAMM manager and enjoy the trading royalties without sitting in front of the screen the whole day analyzing charts. Also, the managers who have the skills but lack the capital to gain investors can make use of this service to make huge profits.

Requirements To Become A Pamm Fund Manager

How To Set Up A Pamm Fund Manager Account?

It is quite easy to set up a PAMM account as a manager. In essence, you will be allowing people to invest in your MT4 trading portfolio. You can simply go to the “PAMM Account opening for Managers” options in the website of the broker of your choice. The next step is to determine a performance fee which you will be taking from the investors in return of your service. The more successful trades you make, the more profitable you will be.


PAMM accounts are a fantastic opportunity for experienced traders who have been active in the market for some time and understand how to trade profitably but lack the capital to draw investors. If you have years of industry expertise and experience and are capable of handling other people’s accounts, then you should try your hands to become a money manager to earn extra profits. Because of their hectic day-to-day life schedule and lack of time, a lot of investors are looking for seasoned traders to handle their trading accounts. As an experienced trader, you have the chance to significantly increase your profits and gain the most of the market by becoming a PAMM fund manager. You may have professional fulfilment by producing enticing returns for both your account and the fund’s investors.