Managed Forex accounts have gained popularity among investors seeking a hands-off approach to Forex trading. Two common types of managed Forex accounts are Multi-Account Manager (MAM) and Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM). While both allow investors to allocate funds to a professional trader who trades on their behalf, the two have some differences. This article will explain what MAM and PAMM accounts are, their benefits, and how they can be opened and will also give comprehensive answers to some FAQs asked about MAM PAMM accounts. By the end of this article, you can decide which of the two would be most suitable for you for availing of managed forex account services. 

What Are Managed Forex Accounts?

Managed Forex accounts are investment accounts managed by professional Forex traders or investment firms on behalf of individual investors. In a managed Forex account, the investor will open an account with a forex broker who provides managed account services to users. Then they deposit funds into the account, which is actually managed by a professional trader who will be placing and executing trades on behalf of the investor using the funds. The main advantage of a managed Forex account is that the investor can use less extensive knowledge of Forex trading or spend time monitoring the markets. The professional traders managing the account will be experienced enough and use their expertise to make trading decisions to generate profits for the investor. The main trader will manage several investors’ accounts and get a share in profits as compensation for their service. 

Managed Forex accounts offer several benefits but also come with certain risks, including the risk of loss due to market fluctuations, the risk of mismanagement by the account manager, and the lack of control over trading decisions. Therefore, investors must conduct thorough research and due diligence before selecting an investment firm to manage their Forex account. It is also important to clearly understand the investment strategy and risks associated with the managed Forex account before investing. There are different types of managed forex accounts, but MAM and PAMM accounts are the most popular ones. 

What is MAM?

A Forex MAM (Multi-Account Manager) account is a specialised account designed for investors looking for professional traders who can manage their accounts and trade on their behalf. The MAM account allows investors to allocate trades to different accounts based on their preferred risk-reward profile. The MAM account structure allows investors to make profits without trading themselves. This means that trades executed on the master account are automatically replicated across all sub-accounts in real time. The allocation of trades to sub-accounts is based on the investor’s preferred settings. Forex brokers typically offer MAM accounts, which provide investors the necessary software to manage their accounts. This software allows investors to monitor their accounts in real-time, view trading history, and adjust allocation settings as necessary.

Benefits of MAM Account for Investors:

Diversification: MAM accounts enable investors to diversify their investments across various forex traders or trading strategies. This reduces the risks of relying on a single trader or strategy, which can be highly volatile and lead to substantial losses.

Professional Management: MAM accounts allow investors to have their accounts managed by professional traders with a track record of successful trading. These traders often have years of experience and access to market data and analytical tools that can help to identify profitable trading opportunities.

Transparency: MAM accounts offer high transparency, as investors can monitor their account activity in real time. They can view their balance, open trades, and history of transactions at any time, giving them complete control over their investment.

Low Costs: MAM accounts typically offer lower trading fees and commissions, as the platform can leverage the collective buying power of multiple accounts. This allows for reduced trading costs, improving overall returns for investors.

Steps to Create Forex Mam Account and Invest

To deposit funds into a MAM account, investors need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open a MAM Account

Investors need to open a MAM account with a forex broker that offers MAM account services. To open the account, they typically need to provide personal identification documents and other KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

Step 2: Select a Trading Strategy and Manager

Once the MAM account is open, investors must select a trading strategy and manager aligning with their investment objectives. They can choose from various traders and strategies that suit their risk appetite and investment preferences.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

After selecting the trading strategy and manager, investors must deposit funds into the MAM account. This can typically be done through various payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets.

Step 4: Monitor Account Activity

Investors can monitor their account activity in real time through the MAM platform. They can view their account balance, open trades, and transaction history, giving them complete control over their investment.

What is PAMM?

Forex PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) account is an investment option in the forex market where an investor entrusts their funds to a professional trader or a money manager. The trader or manager uses their trading expertise and experience to manage the funds, intending to generate profits for themselves and the investors. In a Forex PAMM account, the investment amount is pooled with funds from other investors, and the manager is given the authority to make trading decisions by standing in the shoes of the investors. 

The profits generated from the trades are distributed among the investors based on their percentage contribution to the total pool. The manager earns a performance fee, which is usually a percentage of the profits generated. Additionally, the investor controls their funds and can monitor the account’s real-time performance.

Benefits of PAMM Account

Professional Management: By investing in a forex PAMM account, investors can benefit from the expertise and experience of professional traders. These traders are typically experienced in the forex market and have a proven track record of success.

Diversification: PAMM accounts typically invest in a diversified portfolio of currency pairs, which can help reduce the investment’s overall risk.

Passive Income: Investing in a forex PAMM account can give investors passive income. The profits generated by the traders are distributed among the investors based on their initial investment.

Low Minimum Investment: Forex PAMM accounts typically have low minimum investment requirements, making them accessible to many investors.

Transparency: Forex PAMM accounts offer transparency in terms of the performance of the traders. Investors can monitor the traders’ performance and their investments’ progress through regular reports.

How to Create a PAMM Account?

Choose a Broker: The first step is to choose a reputable broker that offers forex PAMM accounts.

Open an Account: Once you have chosen a broker, you must open a forex PAMM account. For this, the broker will ask you to fill out and submit an online application with some personal information.

Fund Your Account: After your account has been approved, you must fund it with the required minimum investment amount. 

Choose a Trader: Once your account is funded, you can choose a trader or group to invest your funds. You can typically view the performance statistics of each trader and choose the one that best fits your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Allocate Your Funds: After you have chosen a trader, you can allocate your funds to them. The amount you allocate will determine the percentage of the trader’s profits that you will receive.

Monitor Your Investment: Once your funds have been allocated, you can monitor the performance of the trader and the progress of your investment.


Are Forex MAM/PAMM Accounts Safe?

MAM/PAMM accounts can be a safe way to invest in forex, but it is important to research and choose a reputable and regulated provider. Look for a provider that has a track record of successful trading and provides transparency in their trading activities.

How to Find The Best MAM/PAMM Managers?

Finding the best MAM/PAMM managers requires research and due diligence. Look for providers with a proven track record of successful trading over an extended period. Consider the level of risk management that they employ.

How to Avoid Losses in Forex MAM/PAMM?

While it is impossible to avoid all losses in forex trading, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks. Diversify your investments across multiple account managers and currency pairs to reduce the impact of any individual loss. 

Are Managed Forex Accounts Legit?

Yes, managed forex accounts are legitimate investment vehicles that allow investors to benefit from the expertise of professional traders.